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The Parrots

Nobuhiko "James" Hoshi as John Lennon

Takeshi "Gordon" Noguchi as Paul McCartney

Akihiro "Bambino" Matsuyama as George Harrison

Hisashi "Sen" Sato as Ringo Starr

Fumiya "Fumin" Matsuyama on Keyboards

The Parrots Photo

Formed in April, 1990 by Mamoru Yoshii, The Parrots began to play on stage in Tokyo clubs where they made a reputation for themselves.

Gaining attention from the media, their reputation quickly crossed oceans and even the BBC of Great Britain granted them an interview.
It culminated in August, 1994 with their appearance here in Liverpool at this world-famous Beatles Convention, where they were the first Asian band to play.
The Parrots made such a good impression in their initial appearance, that they were officially invited back in both 1996, 1997, 2000, 2001 and 2004. Beatles fans from all over the world loved them!

In April 2001, they made their much anticipated CD debut from Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc., "Please Please Me / The Parrots Live at Abbey Road" (SRCL 5053)

They played the opening act of "Arctic Monkeys" in Lancashire County Cricket Ground in Britain Manchester in 2007.

In November 2008 they made 2nd CD from own label (Prrophone), "Around The Parrots" (PACP-5054)

20th November, 2013. Paul McCartney organised the Parrots to perform at a surprise 54th birthday party for wife Nancy Shevell in Tokyo.
He also joined the Parrots onstage to perform 'I Saw Her Standing There'!!
Since he posted about this evening on own official website, and playing with the Parrots, it became news all over the world.

On 17th January, 2017, The Parrots Joined in a farewell reception hosted by the U.S. ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy at her residence in Tokyo, Japan.

Mr. Mamoru Yoshii, aka, Chappy Yoshii, the leader of 'The Parrots' suddenly passed away on 12th September 2017.

* * * * *
Currently, The Parrots make their home in the ABBEY ROAD CLUB in Roppongi, Tokyo,
where they continue to make history and sing great music.
The band can sing over 200 Beatles songs!!

>>>The Parrots Web-Page (in Japanese)

The Mayfair

Masahiko Oguma as John Lennon

as Paul McCartney

Kazuya "teacher" Maeda
as George Harrison

Koichi Ohara
as Ringo Starr

The Mayfair Photo
Abbey Road Tokyo Proudly Present Their
The place where The Beatles is located

TheRiver Birds

Daishi Yamaguchi as John Lennon

Masaki Teshima
as Paul McCartney

Kosuke Ishibashi
as George Harrison

Azumi Sugiyama
as Ringo Starr

Saki Nakano; Keyboards

The River Birds Photo
The group was named after the birds flying around the River Mersey in Liverpool, England.
From the 1960s to the 1990s, members of various generations express the new The Beatles.

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